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Clean Clock

Displays the time, your current location and the music currently playing. All in a simple and clean layout with different background themes. Ideal to use on as a full screen app on a iPhone or as a side app on a iPad. Works in portrait or, to use in the car, in landscape mode.

Clean Clock can display the time for your current location and other locations which you can set up in the settings.

The time block can be set up to display as 24h format or as AM/PM, with or without the leading 0 for the hourly digits.

Tapping on the time block will switch between displaying or hiding the seconds digits.

Taping on the music block will open the music app. Tap the Previous, Pause/Play and or Next button to control your current playing music.

Use Clean Clock in the car to also see your current location. It will display the current town and country you are located. 

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